Antelope Lodge

Antelope Lodge is a historic motor hotel in Alpine, Texas.

Antelope Lodge Branding


The Antelope Lodge is a historic 1950's motor court hotel set in the beautiful mountain valley of Alpine, Texas. It is one of the first motor court hotels in all of West Texas and its name still appears on the front porch floor where its original stone masons inscribed it with local rocks.


As the lodge undergoes renovation, the primary goal is to maintain its historic roots while appealing to the modern traveler. The branding leverages the idea of combining old with new through inspiration from the original red clay and stucco to the recent landscaping and decor. Local flora and fauna are used as symbols in the brand, and feature the plants that welcome you to the property as well as the lodge’s namesake, a pronghorn antelope.

Services: Brand Identity, Brand Extension, Illustration, Social Media Expression, Print, Simple Animation

Charlie Stout

Alana breathed new life into the Antelope Lodge brand. Her excitement for our project was infectious and her process was very thorough.
— Clay Olivier, Owner
Antelope Lodge Branding Suite
Antelope Lodge Exterior
Antelope Lodge Badge and Pattern
Antelope Lodge Interiors
Antelope Lodge  Mountain Illustration
Antelope Lodge Exterior
Antelope Lodge Stay High in the Chihuahuan Desert
Antelope Lodge Simplistic Animation