YETI SXSW 2018 Showcase

Design and Illustration for YETI's 2019 SXSW Showcase.



YETI is a brand whose products and storytelling are unmatched, and who seems to have effortlessly revolutionize outdoor lifestyle accessories for those willing to pay a premium for quality.


YETI tasked me with designing three posters for their SXSW showcase and was given complete trust and creative freedom. Layers of texture and grit, earthy tones, animated typography, and an unconventional layout represent YETI’s persona as a hard-working, unapologetic brand.

Services:Typography, Illustration, Social Media Expression, Print

YETI SXSW Showcase Instagram
I’ve approached Alana multiple times with vague project briefs & tight deadlines and even so, she has consistently delivered well above my expectations.

She’s a natural, and the process is streamlined and, honestly, fun. Next, I want to fish with her!
— YETI Marketing Manager
YETI SXSW Showcase Poster Set